Polarons and Triplet Excitons in C60: An Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR) and Light-Induced ESR (LESR) Study


The photoluminescence (PL), X-band ODMR, and LESR of C60 films and C60 isolated in a toluene/polystyrene glass matrix (C60:T/PS) is described. The delocalized triplet LESR and ODMR of C60:T/PS are similar to previously reported LESR. In films, however, the ODMR indicates that the delocalized triplet is larger and distorted by neighboring molecules. In addition, another, localized triplet, and a narrow PL-enhancing line at g = 2.0017 ± 0.0005 are observed. These features are similar to those observed in several π-conjugated polymers. The former is attributed to a localized triplet of size similar to a 5- or 6-membered ring, tentatively on a face adjacent to another C60 molecule; the latter is believed to result from intermolecular polaron recombination.

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We thank F. A. Schmidt for assistance in the preparation of the C60/C70-containing soot, and D. Baldwin and J. McClelland for the photoacoustic measurements. Ames Laboratory is operated by Iowa State University for the US Department of Energy under Contract W-7405-Eng-82. This work was supported by the Director for Energy Research, Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

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