Neutron Spectroscopy of Superconducting Fullerides


The phonon spectra of pristine fullerene, superconducting K3C60 and saturation-doped Rb6C60 measured by inelastic neutron scatteringin the energy range 2.5–200 meV at low temperatures reveal substantial broadening of five-fold degenerate Hg intramolecular vibrational modes both in the low-energy radial and the high-energy tangential part of the spectrum. This provides strong evidence for a traditional phonon-mediated mechanism of superconductivity in the fullerides but with an electron-phonon coupling strength distributed over a wide range of energies (33–195 meV) as a result of the finite curvature of the fullerene spherical cage.

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We thank J.R.D. Copley, T.J.S. Dennis, J.P. Hare, H.W. Kroto, M. Schluter, R Taylor, D.R.M. Walton, and F. Zerbetto for valuable discussions. KP acknowledges support from the SERC and the Royal Society.

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