Synthesis of Fullerenes (C60 AND C70) by Combustion of Hydrocarbons in a Flat Flame Burner


Fullerene (C60 and C70) synthesis by combustion of ethylene and benzene in a flat flame burner was investigated. This method of fullerene synthesis is particularly attractive because of its potential of scale up. Also the ability to change the flame conditions andcontrol the yield of C60 and C70 makes this method versatile. No fullerenes were found in soot samples collected from the ethylene flame. However, fullerenes were formed in a benzene flame with C/O = 0.88 and operated at 40 torr, with cold gas velocity of 25.3 cm/s (273 K) and containing 10% argon. The concentration of fullerenes in this flame was found to depend strongly on the height above the burner surface. It exhibited a strong maxima at about 1.0 cm above the burner height suggesting the presence of both growth and destruction mechanisms.

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The combustion research was supported by the Division of Chemical Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Energy Research, V.S. Department of Energy under grant: No. DE-FG02-84ER13282. The chemical analyses were performed in facilities supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center Grant EHS-5P30-ES02109-10 and Program Grant EHS-5PO1-ESO1640-11. SM and KKG would also like to acknowledge partial support from ONR.

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