Structural Studies of Submonolayers of Carbon Atoms on Graphite


Submonolayer coverages of carbon adsorbed on highly-oriented pyrolytic graphite were examined by scanning tunneling microscopy under ultra-high vacuum condition. Linear carbon wires were found on atomically flat graphite surfaces. The wires had different thicknesses, from single atomic width to about lnm. The long wires extended to over several hundred nanometers. Two directions, graphite β-β direction and 30° rotated, were preferred for the long wire orientation. Parallel wire alignment, with several nanometers of inter-wire spacings were observed. Carbon particles, from 0.7 to 2 nm in diameter were found to be attached to the carbon wires. Particles from different wires formed parallel linear chains about perpendicular to the wire direction.

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Financial support from the Ollice 01 Technology Transfer and Economic Development (OTTED) of the University of Hawaii, from the research Council of University of Hawaii, and from the US National Science Foundation, grant No. DMR-9106304, is gratefully acknowledged.

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