In Vivo Interactions with (Tissue Culture Pretreated) Dermal Sheep Collagen


Pretreatment in tissue culture (TC) was previously found to markedly reduce the in vitro cytotoxicity of two types of crosslinked dermal sheep collagens (DSC’s).

This in vivo study confirms our in vitro results, in that TC-pretreatment of crosslinked DSC’s resulted in the marked reduction or elimination of cytotoxic effects, such as increased cell infiltration, a deviant neutrophil-morphology, lipid formation and cell death. TC-pretreatment affected the crosslinked state of both DSC’s in a different way, which could be deduced from the differences in gelatin-formation and presence of giant cells from macrophage- or fibroblast-origin.

The results are explained in view of the differences in crosslinking.

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The authors wish to acknowledge Dr.H.K. Koerten from the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy of Leiden University, The Netherlands, for carrying out single-spot X-ray micro analysis [9]. We further wish to acknowledge mr. D. Huizinga, mr. P. van der Sijde and mr. H.R.A. Meiborg from our Laboratory for the photography.

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