Dry Etching of Copper at High Rates


Three new methods for dry etching of copper at temperatures below 200°C have been developed. The first relies on the formation of volatile CICu(PR3)2 species via reaction of PR3 with CuCI where R = ethyl, and butyl. The second relies on the reaction of Cu(hfac)2 and neutral ligands L such as butyne, pentyne or bistrimethylsilylacetylene to form (hfac)CuL. The last approach involves reaction of CuO with hexafluoroacetylacetone (hfacH) to form Cu(hfac)2 and water. These approaches have provided etch rates as high as 1 μm/min at 150°C.

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TTK acknowledges the support of a National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Grant #CTS-9059538. MHS thanks the NSF chemical instrumentation program for purchase of a low field NMR spectrometer.

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