Si-N Bonding at the SiO2/Si Interfaces During Deposition of SiO2 by the Remote Pecvd Process


Thin films of SiO2 were deposited on Si substrates by remote PECVD following an in-situ cleaning/surface passivation with atomic-H. Si-N bonds were found in the immediate vicinity of the SiO2/Si interface when nitrous oxide, N2O, was used as O-atom source gas in the remote PECVD process. Si-N bonds, as well as Si-surface roughening produced by H-atom etching, contribute to the formation of high densities of midgap trapping states, Dit:_1011 cm-2eV-1, at the SiO2/Si interface. Eliminating the H-atom processing step, and exposing the Si surface to plasma-generated O-atoms prior to the SiO2 deposition: i) eliminated Si-N bonding at the Si/SiO2 interface; ii) reduced midgap Dit to:_{ie341-1}1010 cm-2eV-1; iii) eliminated surface roughening; and iv) improved process latitude and reproducibility.

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This work is supported by ONR, the NSF Engineering Research Center for Advanced Electronic Materials Processing, SRC and Sematech. We acknowledge the assistance of G. Fountain and R. Alley of the Research Triangle Institute of North Carolina in the preparation and electrical characterization of the MOS devices.

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