Electron Beam Induced Decomposition of Palladium Acetate


A focused electron beam has been used to selectively decompose sub micron thick films of palladium acetate, Pd(OOCCH3)2, resulting in the formation of <0.1µm wide Pd rich features. Resistivity of the palladium acetate film decreased when exposed to doses above 500µC/cm2. Annealing to 160°C further reduces the resistivity of the exposed areas to as low as 100µΩcm. XPS analysis of the exposed areas indicate that the Pd is reduced to a metallic state and that the ratio of C and 0 to Pd drops to 1.5 and 0.6, respectively, after exposure. Residual gas analysis during exposure indicates that CO2 and CH3 are the primary volatile products of the decomposition.

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This work has been partially supported by the NSF Engineering Research Centers Program through the Center for Advanced Electronic Materials Processing (Grant CDR 8721505).

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