Growth Kinetics of an Amorphous Phase Between GaAs and Co


Solid-state amorphization reaction between GaAs and Co thin-films was investigated by transmission electron micorscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy. Upon annealing of GaAs/Co thin-film couples at 260–300 °C, an amorphous phase was observed to form. The amorphization was attributed to the openness of the GaAs structure relative to the size of the Co atoms. This allows rapid diffusion of Co into the GaAs lattice and promotes the occurrence of SSAR. Annealing at higher temperatures or for longer times led to the formation of a crystalline phase, designated as the μ-phase which was determined to be a metastable supersaturated solid solution of CoAs exhibiting the B31 structure of the approximate composition of Co(Ga.48As.52). The growth kinetics of both the amorphous phase and the μ-phase are parabolic in nature. The parabolic rate constant is higher for the μ-phase than for the amorphous phase. The activation energies are 1.47 and 1.35 eV, respectively.

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