On Concentration-Dependent Solid State Diffusion


Using a master equation approach, we derive a general expression for the diffusion coefficient as a function of concentration-dependent jump rates. When this approach is applied to diffusion in a binary solid, Darken's equation for intrinsic diffusion coefficients is derived together with an expression for self diffusion coefficients which satisfies the semi-empirical Ugaste relationship. This analysis suggests that the Darken term and the self diffusion coefficients are in general related.

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I would like to thank M. Atzmon, S. Browne, B. K. Cho, G. Eesley, G. B. Fisher, J. G. Gay, W. L. Johnson, V. Laxmanan, J. V. Mantese, W. J. Meng, J. R. Smith, K. C. Taylor, D. Turnbull, and M. W. Verbrugge for helpful discussions and providing valuable suggestions for the manuscript.

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