Correlation of Stress Relaxation and Microstructure Change in Polycrystalline Thin Films on Substrates: Au on Si <100> at RT


Stress relaxation in polycrystalline layers can be explained by processes, in which the microstructure plays a dominant role. The microstructure itself may also be subjected to changes. With X-ray diffraction information about both the stress and the microstructure can be obtained without destroying the specimen and without disturbing the stress relaxation process. p]In this paper a model system is studied: Au on Si<100>. The specimens showed a simultaneous decrease of macrostress and dislocation density with time at room temperature. This could be interpreted on the basis of a model founded on thermally activated dislocation motion. It followed that the grain size is an important parameter for the change of the dislocation density.

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These investigations have been supported financially by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), The Netherlands.

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Vermeulen, A.C., Delhez, R. & Mittemeijer, E.J. Correlation of Stress Relaxation and Microstructure Change in Polycrystalline Thin Films on Substrates: Au on Si <100> at RT. MRS Online Proceedings Library 230, 103–108 (1992).

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