Effects of Pulsed Electron Beam Irradiation on Al Single Crystal with Pb Overlayers


The effects of pulsed electron beam irradiation (pulse width 50 ns FWHM, electron energies from 15 to 30 keV and current density in the range of 100 to 2300 A/cm2) on Al-Pb systemsprepared by vacuum evaporation of Pb layers from 500 Å to 2000 Å in thickness over Al single crystals have been investigated by Rutherford backscattering (RBS) and scanning electron microscopy.

The main effects consist in a Pb loss which shows definite features as a function of the incident beam current density and in a mixing of Pb into Al which is unambiguously detected by a selective chemical etching of Pb still unreacted after irradiation.

These experimental results are discussed on the basis of some heat flow model calculations which use Monte-Carlo data for the electron depth dose function.

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One of us (V.N.K.) thanks the I.CT.P. - Trieste for financial support. We thank L.E. Laghi for considerable help in computer programming.

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