A Current Conduction Mechanism in Laser Recrystallized Silicon Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Transistors


N-channel MOS transistors were fabricated on silicon films that had been recrystallized by an argon ion laser at different power levels. These transistors showed electrical characteristics similar, but somewhat inferior to those devices fabricated on single crystal silicon substrates. These differences are attributed to the presence of trapping states at the grain boundaries of the crystallites in the recrystallized silicon. A coulombic scattering model is presented to explain these differences. In the case of films annealed at low laser power, an additional factor of nonuniform trap state distribution is invoked to explain device characteristics. This model provides an adequate explanation for the observed transport properties of transistors fabricated from recrystallized silicon films.

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I would like to thank Ms. L. C. Puzio for her help in scattering factor computation. Helpful discussion with Dr. J. C. Erskine is also appreciated.

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