NMOS Logic Circuits in Laser-Crystallized Silicon on Quartz


Depletion mode as well as enhancement mode n-channel thin-film transistors (TFT’s) have been fabricated in CO2 laser-crystallized silicon on fused quartz. Nearly defect-free islands were obtained by using an offset circular beam to form a tilted melt interface. The optimization of subsequent processing steps to achieve simultaneously low leakage currents and voltage thresholds appropriate for depletion-load NMOS circuits involved adjustments of ion implantation and high temperature cycles with the aid of simulation. The resultant high performance silicon-gate TFT’s have led to NMOS ring oscillators with 2.5 ns delay/stage and dynamic shift registers with MHz clock rates. These are the first logic circuits fabricated in beam-crystallized silicon on bulk amorphous substrates.

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The authers wish to acknowledge helpful discussions on laser crystallization with D. K. Biegelsen, L. E. Fennell, and M. D. Moyer, as well as valuable advice on device and circuit measurements from T. Oki and R. N. Norton.

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