Large Area Continuous Electron Beam for Semiconductor Processing


We have achieved wide area (38 cm2) electron beam heating of semiconductor materials using a glow discharge electron beam with electron energies between 3 and 7 keV. A continuous beam 7 cm in diameter with a power density up to 90 W/cm2 was used to anneal both boron-implanted (30 keV, 5 × 1015 atoms/cm2) n-type <100> silicon wafers as well as two types of Ti-Si composite films to form this titanium disilicide Annealing of the implanted samples was obtained without redistribution of the original dopant profile using a 15-sec. electron beam exposure. Formation of TiSi2 was found to decrease the sheet resistivity of these samples a factor of ten for both 400 Å films of Ti on Si and codeposited Ti-Si mixtures of overall stoichiometry TiSi2. Due to the high electron beam power density achieved over a large area, one can uniformly anneal an entire wafer in a single exposure without sample or beam scanning.

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This work was supported by the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and ASM America. The authors wish to thank Dick Rosier of Advanced Semiconductor Materials, Paul Sullivan of NCR Microelectronics, and H. K. Park of Tektronix Research Laboratories for providing the samples used in this work. Technical assistance of George Kovall and Bob Pinteric is also acknowledged.

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