Structural and Electrical Properties of Gas Immersion Laser Doped Layers in Crystalline Silicon


4He backscattering and channeling and 4-point probe resistivity measurements are used to characterize the doping of <100> Si directly from the gas phase by using a laser induced melt/recrystallization process. Impurity concentrations from 3×1019 to 5×1020 cm−3 and sheet resistivities as low as 20 Ω/□ are obtained by variation of the laser energy density or number of passes. Diodes fabricated by this process exhibit near ideal I-V characteristics with sharp reverse breakdowns determined by junction edge effects. Annealing at 850°C further reduces the generation-recombination centers to values that result in an ideality factor of 1.0.

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We would lime to thank M.O. Thompson for calculation of the melt depth and recrystallization velocity and J. Sturm for assistance in the diode fabrication.

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