Side Chain Polymers for Electro-Optic Applications


Organic and polymeric materials have emerged in recent years as candidates for advanced device and systems applications. This interest has arisen from the promise of extraordinary optical, structural, and mechanical properties of certain organic materials, and from the fundamental success of molecular design performed to create new materials.

Our approach to the problem is to develop an understanding of the molecular basis of non-linear optical activity, incorporate the most promising candidates into tractable polymers, and evaluate these materials in device format. This paper will review some of the recent developments in the NLO materials effort at Hoechst Celanese.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the support, guidance and encouragement of Drs. J.P. Riggs, A. Buckley, H. Ong, J. Stamatoff, T. Findakly, and H.N. Yoon. We would also like to express our thanks to Dr. H. Goldberg for his valuable technical guidance in reviewing this manuscript and the efforts of J. Moore, S. Meyer, and D. Sharp who conducted the laboratory experiments on which this paper is based.

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