Growth Condition Dependence Of Rheed Pattern From GaAs (111)B Surface


A 3-dimensional phase diagram is introduced to describe the dependence of the RHEED pattern from GaAs(111)B surface on growth conditions. The 2×2, transitional(1×1), and ✓19×✓19 surface reconstructions correspond to different zones in the phase diagram. A equation is given for the planes that separate these zones, which fit experimental data well. Homoepitaxial films on GaAs(111)B grown in the 2×2 region generally have bad crystal quality as determined by the ion channeling, and growth in the ✓19×✓19 region generally yields rough surface morphology. At higher substrate temperatures (≈ 650 °C), featureless films with minimum ion channeling yields of less than 4% are achieved.

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