The Effects of Ion Energy on Carbon and Tungsten Films Fabricated by Direct Ion Beam Deposition and Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition


The x-ray reflectivity and surface morphology of C/W multilayers fabricated by ion beam sputtering (IBS) method was evaluated. Also the surface roughness and amorphous structure of C and W films fabricated by direct ion beam deposition (DIBD) method were evaluated as a function of ion energy. The reflectivity was measured by the C-K line (4.47nm) and STM was used for surface roughness measurement and root-mean-square value of correlation function of the RHEED pattern was used for evaluation of amorphous structure. The reflectivity of C/W multilayer was about 69% of the theoretical one, and micro-columnar structures were observed from STM images. The film structure and surface roughness of DIBD film were changed with the depositing ion energy. The surface roughness of films becomes smaller as the depositing energy becomes higher in the energy range from 20 to 140eV.

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This work was performed under the Research and Development Program on “Advanced Material Processing and Machining System”, conducted under a program set by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

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