Modification of Properties of Ion-Beam-Sputtered Yttrium-Oxide Thin Films by Low-Energy Ion Bombardment


The effect of low-energy ion bombardment on ion-beam-sputtered yttrium-oxide films was studied. Yttria films were subjected to argon ions accelerated by a potential of up to 500 V with current densities of up to 8 µA/cm2 and were deposited at differing substrate temperatures. Yttria films bombarded during deposition were found to be amorphous, and trends observed with increased ion energy include reduced amount of residual compressive stress, increased argon content, and decreased refractive index, depending on deposited energy and substrate temperature.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge Drs. J. Price and D. Simon (Naval Surface Warfare Center) for the RBS measurements and Dr. C. Lowe-Ma (Naval Weapons Center) for the x-ray diffraction analysis. This work was supported by the Office of Naval Research.

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