Monte Carlo Studies of Adsorption Phenomena


Two different adsorption phenomena are studied using, in particular, Monte Carlo techniques:

  1. (i)

    Lattice gas models with competing interactions of ANNNI-type are shown to describe various uniaxial commensurate and incommensurate structures as observed in chemisorbed overlayers such as H on Fe(110) and O2 on Pd(110).

  2. (ii)

    At interfaces of multi-state models (Potts, spin-1 Ising models) nonboundary states are adsorbed preferably; critical properties of this “wetting” phenomenon are investigated.

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I wish to thank K. Binder, D.A. Huse, W. Kinzel, W. Pesch, P. Rujan, G.V. Uimin, and J. Yeomans for productive collaboration on many of the results reported in this contribution.

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