Determination of Short Range Order Parameters in 62Ni0.765Fe0.235 at 600°C Effect of a Quench


Different states of local order have been previously measured at room temperature on water quenched crystal of Ni0.76562 Fe0.235 [12]. The Cowley’ parameters and the interaction pair potentials in a Clapp and Moss approximation have been determined at: 385° C, 470°C, 507°C, 535°C, 685°C that is under and above Tc which is equal to 500°C for this composition.

The kinetic of long range order establishment is, in this alloy, very sluggish even near Tc [3]; the kinetic of short range order (SRO) is completely different and may be more complex [4]. In the previous experiments it has been supposed that the state of high temperature was retained during the quench. The following experiments check this hypothesis.

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