Several Important Problems in YBaCuO and Its Doped Systems


The orthorhombic-tetragonal transition, relationship between oxygen content and TC, electronic state of Cu and TC, lattice energy and TC in YBCO and its doped systems (Cu doped by Sn, Al, Fe, Zn, N; Ba by Sr, Ca; Y by Pr,Gd,Dy, respectively.) have been studied systematically. The experiments show that the O-T transition may not be the predominant factor governing superconductivity; there is no regular relationship between superconductivity and the oxygen content. In order to fully understand superconductivity, other defects must be considered; the valence of Cu has a strong correlation with oxygen content, but has no direct relationship with the TC value. The correlation among the electronic states of Ba, Cu and O are discovered, which is helpful to know the electfonic behavior of this material. Finally, we show that the lattice energy has a close relationship with the magnitude of TC. As the lattice energy is decreased, the TC is always depressed without any exception. The authors suggest that the lattice energy may be a probable predominant factor to superconductivity.

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