Observation of Hexagonal AlGaAs Grown by OMCVD


Extended regions of hexagonal zinc sulfide (wurtzite) structure are found to exist in AlGaAs grown by low-pressure OMCVD at 750°C. The specimen was prepared on a (001) GaAs substrate patterned with [110]-orientedV-grooves, intended for a quantum wire laser structure. A high density of planar faults was observed to originate in theAl0.66Ga0.34As cladding layers near the inner corners of the V-grooves and propagate towards the surface along the {111} planes. Many of these faults are stacking faults and microtwins. However, there also exhibit extended regions of hexagonal structure, revealed in electron diffraction patterns and high resolution lattice images. The hexagonal phase shares the same close-packed layers with the cubic phase, i.e., (0001)hexagonal // {111}cubic. The mechanism for the formation of hexagonal structure in this specimen is not yet fully understood.

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The authors would like to thank S. Mahajan, T. D. Sands, and C. J. Palmstrom for useful discussions.

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