High Quality GaAs Mis Diodes With Very Low Surface State Density


High quality GaAs/SiO2 MIS( Metal Insulator Semiconductor ) diodes were fabricated using (NH4)2S treatment and photo-assisted CVD( Chemical Vapor Deposition ). The density of states at the GaAs and SiO2 interface is the order of 1011 cm-2eV-1 throughout the forbidden energy range, which is smaller by the order of two than that of the MIS devices made by the conventional CVD process. The mechanism attributable to the interface improvement was investigated through XPS( X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy ) analyses.

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The authors wish to thank Dr. Susumu Takahashi for the promotion of this study. The authors also wish to thank Miss Akiko Muto for giving them useful comments on the XPS analysis.

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