Defects in the Structure of Σ=27 <110> Tilt Grain-Boundaries in Ge


General high-angle tilt grain-boundaries may be described by an arrangement of repeating structural units. A particular defect in the normal arrangement of structural units in a Σ=27 <110> tilt grain-boundary in Ge is reported.The defect is characterized by a short segment of (111) facet at the interface, and is associated with a screw dislocation in the boundary plane. This defect accommodates a slight misorientation of the boundary away from the perfect tilt configuration, andmay represent a type of structural unit present in other tilt boundaries containing a small twist component.

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The authors would like to thank Mr R. Coles and Ms M. Fabrizio for technical support. The electron microscopes are part of a central facility provided by the Materials Science Center at Cornell and are supported, in part, by National Science Foundation. This research is supported by the the DoE under grant No DEs-FG02s-89ER45381.

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