Diffraction Effects from [111] Twist Boundaries in Gold


The structural characteristics of [111] twist boundaries in gold are investigated using a combination of x-ray diffraction and computer modeling techniques. Comparison of the measured scattering effects with those generated from EAM computer models reveals that the [111] boundary displacement field is weak, rotational in form and centered on s'Os' lattice sites. Furthermore, the measured intensities of the strong s'Os' lattice reflections decrease smoothly with increasing boundary angle up to 30°, as calculated from the model. The effect of double positioning on the diffraction pattern and the structural analysis is discussed.


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Discussions with Prof. R. W. Balluffi are gratefully acknowledged. The work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under Grant Number DE-FG02-87ER-45310. Computer time was provided by the Florida State University Supercomputer Computations Research Institute. Use of the x-ray facilities at NSLS-BNL and at CMSE-MIT are gratefully acknowledged.

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