Frequency Dependence of Hopping Conductance in Crystalline Electron Irradiated Semiconductors


Extensive irradiations were carried on crystalline semiconductors InSb, GaAs and InAs. At low temperatures the frequency dependence of the conductivity is observed to be sublinear (σϖs). where s<1. The dependence of s on both the degree of the induced damage and on temperature is studied and discussed in terms of the quatum mechanical tunnelling and of correlated barrier hopping mechanisms.

At fairly low doses of irradiation activated conductance is observed with s having a weak temperature dependence. As the degree of damage is further increased conduction at helium temperatures takes place by variable range hopping, {ie433-1}. The constant b is observed to depend on the effective mass for different semiconductors.

At higher temperatures activated conduction is observed again. The observed activation energies E are Eg 1/4 l<E<Eg 1/2 and we believe they could represent hopping of single and double carriers.

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