Raman Studies of Fluorine-Intercalated Carbon Fibers


We report Raman scattering measurements on fluorine-intercalated graphite fibers (CχF) for stoichiometries χ =7.8, 4.5 and 2.9. Lorentzian fits to our Raman lineshapes indicate the presence of two lines around 1600 cm−1 and a broad line around 1355 cm−1. The 1355 cm−1 line is the disorder-induced graphite line and the ratio of the integrated intensity of this line to that of the 1600 cm−1 doublet (R) provides a measure of the intercalationinduced disorder in the CχF fibers. Both TEM and Raman studies indicate the presence of unintercalated graphitic regions in the CχF fiber. The inverse relation between the average crystal planar domain size Lα, and the Raman intensity ratio R yields Lα ∼52Å for C7.8F fibers and Lα ∼40Å for C4.5,F and C2.9F fibers.

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