Weak Localization Effects in Fluorineintercalated Graphite Fibers


The intercalation of fluorine into graphite introduces defects into the highly crystalline pristine fibers. These defectsare studied using temperature-dependent resistivity and magnetoresistance measurements. A logarithmic increase in resistivity at low temperature is observed, whereas the high temperature behavior is metallic. At weak magnetic fields and low temperatures, a negative magnetoresistance is observed, which becomes positive at high fields. These effects are explainedusing the two theories of weak localization and hole-hole interaction. In the light of TEM pictures of the microstructure of the fluorinated fibers, the origin of the defects in the intercalated fibers is discussed.

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This work was supported by NSF under grant #8819896-DMR. We acknowledge many stimulating discussions with Dr. G. Dresselhaus. The high-field experiments have been carried out at the Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory (supported by the National Science Foundation).

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