Electron Channelling Contrast Imaging (ECCI) of Dislocations in Bulk Specimens


Dislocations have been imaged in bulk specimens of Si using a FEG SEM operating at 30keV and 100keV, without using an energy filter, but by image processing of the back scattered electron signal collected by a highly efficient detector. The dislocation contrast is greater at 30 keV than at 10OkeV. Ilowever, the depth to which useful information may be obtained is greater at 1O0keV (∼210nm) than at 3OkeV (∼95nm). The final depth to which dislocations can be imaged is strongly dependent on image processing conditions.

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SERC are thanked for funding and for a Research Fellowship to one of us (JTC). T.Fell prepared the silicon sample and J. Stead helped with the construction of the detector.

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