Solution-Derived Yba2Cu,Sub3O7−Δ. Thin Films And Barrier Layers


Hydrolyzed metal alkoxide solutions were spin-coated on Si substrates with subsequent thermal processing. Barrier layers of alkaline earth oxides, perovskites, Y2O3, ZrO2 and others were produced. Characterization was performed via SEM, XRD, ESCA, Auger depth profiling and resistivity measurements. Barrier layer films were fairly smooth with some cracking and pitting present. Si migration was severe for alkaline earth thin films on Si wafers. Some perovskite films on Si showed formation of Ba-Si-O phases at the Si interface. Thin films of 1–2–3 on barrier layers of SrTiO3 or ZrO2 on Si showed Ba pileup at the Si interface and were not superconducting. 1–2–3 layers deposited on single crystal ZrO2 were superconducting and showed onset temperatures of 90 K with zero resistance reached at about 55 K.

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