Ferroelectricity of Chiral Compounds in Highly Ordered Smectic Phases


Measurements of the complex electric permitttivity for the Sm C* and for three highly ordered smectic phases: Sm I*, Sm J* and Sm K* of 4- (2 - methylbutyl)-phenyl-4′-(octyloxy)-(1,1′)-biphenyl-4-carboxylate (8 OSI) have been done in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 13 MHz. For the first three chiral phases the Goldstone mode was found with temperature independent critical frequencies, νc = 1.5kHz and the relaxation time τG = 106 μs - for the Sm C* phase, and νc = 1 kHz and τG - 160 μs - for the Sm I* one. In two highly ordered smectics, i.e. Sm J* and Sm K* with inter-layer correlations, the Goldstone mode seems to be suppressed. By applying a D.C. bias field of 1.4 kV/cm the Goldstone mode has been suppressed and shifted towards higher frequencies in both the Sm C* and Sm I* phase. For the Sm J* phase the Goldstone mode is very weak and practically insensitive to the bias field used. In the Sm K* phase there is no Goldstone mode like relaxation, and the only contribution to electric permittivity comes from the fast molecular motion connected with reorientation of molecules about their long axis.

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