Factors Influencing Properties of San/Pmma Blends


The versatility of polymeric blends is reflected in the range of usable end properties that can be achieved through alterations in the composition and/or effective control of the morphologies of the mixtures. Solvent cast and melt mixed blends of SAN and PMMA have been studied to understand the Influence of PMMA tacticity and the acrylonitrile content of the SAN copolymer on their phase behavior. The results show a shifting of the cloud point curves and the miscibility windows for the blends of SAN with different stereo-regular PMMAs. This is interpreted as being due to specific interactions between the acrylonitrile and methacrylate groups. The ‘goodness’ of mixing in the melt mixed blends were determined by FTIR ATR spectroscopy. The effects of the processing conditions on the mixing characteristics and subsequent improvement in mechanical properties are discussed. The limits of mixing that can be achieved using standard mixing procedures and their role in affecting the end use properties such as the flexural strength will also be discussed.

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