The Effect of Annealing Conditions on Magnetron Sputtered Superconducting Tl-Based Thin Films


The annealing steps have been shown to be a crucial determinant of the quality of Tl-based superconducting films. In this study, we discuss the formation of the superconducting Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 and Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10 phases with varied post-annealing temperature and fixed annealing time. A x-ray, electron micro-probe, and scanning electron microscopy were carried out to evaluate the structure of superconducting phases formed for each annealing condition. For films deposited on SrTiO3 substrates and heat-treated at 870°C for 15 min, the lower Tc phase Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 becomes a major phase. The films consist of nearly pure Tl2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10 phase with Tc (R=0) in the range of 100K to 118K and c-axis perpendicular to the film plane were obtained after annealing 880-890°C for 15 min. These films were epitaxy growth on SrTi03 substrates.

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