Growth of nd2-xcexcuo4-y Singlk Crystals by a Flux Method


We have investigated single-crystals growth of Nd2-xCexCu04-y By using a flux method. The phase diagram Nd203 -CuO has been determined For a number of compositions. In addition, the corresponding diagram for some Nd2O3CeO2-CuO composition is also reported. Plate single crystals having dimensions up to 5 x 5 x 0.2 m have been prepared by the melt mixtures from 1250℃ to 800℃ at a rate of 5℃/h.

The yield of CeO2 concentration in the starting compositions and the corresponding x values in the crystals has been investigated in order to improve superconducting properties of the crystals. Superconducting single crystals have been found from flux compositions 70% CuO, (30-z)% NdO1.5and z% of CeO2 with 2.50 < z < 4 5.

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