Effect of Magnetic Field on Critical Current Density in Bulk Superconducting Wires


Bulk YBa2Cu3O7-x (YBCO) wires and tubes were fabricated by an extrusion technique. Critical current density (Jc) was measured as a function of applied magnetic field at 77 K and was found to decrease significantly in fields below 100 G. Jc was dependent on specimen geometry. In addition, when a concentric magnetic field was generated by passing a current though a copper wire, the external field from the wire could interfere constructively or destructively with the magnetic field produced by current in a YBCO tube. The change in electrical properties with magnetic field has been attributed to weak-link behavior at the grain boundaries. Batch-to-batch differences in the field dependence of Jc imply the possibility of reducing the dependence by processing modifications.

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