High TC Superconductor Fibers from Metallo-Organic Precursors


Homogeneous solution for Y-Ba-Cu-0 superconductor was prepared from yttrium i-propoxide, barium i-propoxide, and copper ethylhexanoate. The solution was converted to a resin-like material and was readily dissolved in organic solvents. The resin possesses a cohesive property in a number of solvents, such as benzene and xylene. Single-phase superconducting YBa2Cu307_x fibers have been continuously spun from the viscous solution. Controlled amounts of Y2BaCu05 phase in the fibers were made possible by slight adjustments in the solution compositions. Partial substitution of copper ethylhexanoate with copper trifluoroacetate prevents barium carbonate formation In the fiber during curing and organic pyrolysis.

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