Low Pressure Omcvd Growth of GaAs on InP for Fet and Quantum Well Laser Fabrication


Gallium arsenide epitaxial layers with excellent morphology have been grown by organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) on (100) and 2-3° off (100) InP substrates by a modified two-step growth commonly used for GaAs on Si. The layers have been characterized by X-ray diffraction, cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy (TEM), low temperature photoluminescence (PL) and Hall measurements. 1 µm gate GaAs metal-semiconductor field effect transistors (MESFETs) with transconductances as high as 220 mS/mm have been fabricated. These MESFETs have been integrated with buried heterostructure and V-groove InGaAsP lasers. The V-groove laser -MESFET OEIC transmitter has been shown to be capable of direct modulation at 5 Gb/sec bit rate. Finally we have also demonstrated GaAs single quantum well lasers with threshold currents as low as 800 A/cm2for 50 µm wide broad area gain guided devices with 1.25 mm long cavities.

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