Oxidation Behavior of Ni3Al-8Cr-0.1B Alloy Containing Zr Addition


The isothermal oxidation behavior of Ni3A1 + 8Cr + 0.1B alloy containing zirconium addition was studied over a temperature range 850 to 1150°C and for periods up to 100 h. The results show that isothermal oxidation kinetics of the alloys at various temperatures obey a parabolic law. The addition of zirconium to Ni3A1-8Cr-0.1B alloy improves oxidation resistance at 850 to 950°C. However, the additive results in a considerable weight gain at 1050 to 1150°C. The structure of scale and phase transformation of the surface zone beneath the scale have been investigated. The addition of zirconium leads to the formation of adherent scale at all temperatures, since the internal oxides, like “tree roots” between the oxide scale and the substrate, are developed during oxidation.

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This work was partially supported by Corrosion Science Laboratory, Shenyang, China.

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