Adhesion of Metals to Mixed Oxide Coatings (Al & Cr, Mo, OR W) Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis of Organometallics.


Spray pyrolysis of the mixed metal organometallics, Al[M(CO)3C5H5]3 (M is Cr, Mo or W), prepared in tetrahydrofuran from the mercury analogues and aluminum metal, gave mixed oxide gels on heated alumina substrates. Air was used as the propellant for M = Cr, whereas oxygen was used for M = Mo or W. Mixtures of Al[Cr(CO)3C5 H5]3 and Al(O-i-C3H8)3 having a Cr/Al ratio of 0.02 to 0.93 were used to prepare gels with intermediate dopant concentrations. When calcined at 500 °C, the gels produced amorphous coatings of two-component oxides that were characterized by SEM and EDS methods. The strength of adhesion of a E-beam evaporated chromium metal overlayer to the coating, as measured by a continuous microindentation method, increased in the order Cr < Mo ≅ W; adhesion was found to be directly proportional to the effective free energy of formation of the oxide mixture.

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