Beam Shaping for CW Laser Recrystallization of Polysilicon Films


A shaped laser beam has been used for laterally seeded recrystallization of polysilicon films over oxide. Direct maps of the shaped-beam intensity distribution in the wafer plane are correlated with the grain structure of the recrystallized polysilicon. Using 60% overlapping of shapedbeam scans along <100> directions, we have obtained seeded areas one mm wide and 50 to 500 µm long. These consist of 40 µm-wide adjacent single-crystal strips regularly separated by low-angle grain boundaries extending laterally away from the seed openings. The spacing between grain boundaries is equal to the scan spacing, providing a means for controlling the location of grain boundaries in otherwise defect-free, single-crystal films.

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We wish to thank Curt Heimberg for TEM sample preparation and assistance with the optical system, and Drs. Dragan IIic and Fred Schwettmann for encouragement during the course of the experiment.

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