Oxygen and Nitrogen Incorporation during CW Laser Recrystallization of Polysilicon


The incorporation of nitrogen and oxygen in polysilicon has been examined by SIMS. The analysis, combined with C-V measurements and ion implantation, has been used to correlate the incorporation of the two species with the fixed-charge density at the back polysilicon/SiO2 interface. Laser recrystallization with a silicon-nitride encapsulation layer results in the inclusion of 2–4 × 1017 cm−3 nitrogen atoms in the polysilicon; if an oxide capping layer is used, the nitrogen level observed is at the background of the SIMS system (~1015 cm−3). Either type of capping layer results in 3–4 × 1018 cm−3 oxygen atoms being incorporated into the polysilicon. Implantation of nitrogen into the polysilicon before recrystallization increases the fixed-charge density Nf,b) at the back interface, while implanted oxygen decreases Nf,b. The high Nf,b found with a nitride capping layer is attributed to deposition of nitrogen or SiNX at the back interface.

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The authors would like to acknowledge Jeff Miller for his assistance with SIMS analysis, Tom Cass for TEM examination, Curt Heimberg for his experimental assistance, and Dragan Ilic and Fred Schwettmann for their continued support and encouragement.

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