Beam Processing of Silicon with a Scanning CW Hg Lamp


A scanning arc lamp annealing system has been built using a 3” long mercury arc lamp with an elliptical reflector. The reflector focuses the light into a high intensity narrow line source. Silicon wafers implanted with 100 KeV 75AS+ to 1×1015 cm2 have been uniformly annealed with a single scan, resulting in complete activation and negligible redistribution of the implanted species. Using a scan rate of 1cm/s, entire 3” wafers have been annealed in less than 10 seconds with this system. The system has also been used to recrystallize thin films of polysilicon deposited on thermally grown silicon dioxide. The recrystallized films contain grains that are typically 0.5–1 mm in width and several centimeters long. Surface texture measurements show the crystallites to be almost entirely (100) in the plane of the film with the orthogonal <100> direction closely paralleling the scan direction. MOSFETs were fabricated in these films with surface mobilities 66% of ones fabricated in single crystal silicon. An epitaxial layer with the same crystallographic features as the recrystallized film was grown on the film itself.

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The authors wish to thank D. Reynolds for his continued interest and support of this work. This work has been supported by Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Inc. and DARPA Contract No. MDA 903-81-C-0294.

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