Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Films by Pulsed Ion Beam Annealing


Regrowth by pulsed proton beam was studied for evaporated amorphous Si layers, for layers converted to polycrystalline by annealing (both with and without Ge markers) and for implantation-amorphized SOS films. Silicon-on-sapphire showed the lowest threshold for regrowth. Amorphous silicon melted at about 0.2 J/cm2 lower fluences of protons of 380 keV energy than crystalline Si. Implanted Sb into SOS occupies lattice positions exceeding the solid solubility.

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We wish to acknowledge D. Hammer and the Cornell University Plasma Physics Lab for the use of the pulsed ion beam equipment. Implantations are greatly acknowledged to L-S. Hung (Cornell University). Some of our Si windows were supplied by L. Csepregi (Inst. Festkorpertechnologie, Munich) and I. Adeshida (Cornell University). We highly appreciate their help. One of us (J. G.) is indebted to the Bohmische Physical Society for a grant. The work was supported in part by NSF (L. Toth).

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