Transient Annealing of Ion-Implanted Silicon using a Scanning IR Line Source


Recent interest in finding an efficient method for transient annealing of ion-implanted silicon has led to studies of various rapid annealing schemes such as graphite heaters and high intensity incoherent light sources as alternative methods to laser annealing. In this paper, we describe a recent study of transient annealing of ion-implanted silicon using a scanning IR line source created by a single tungsten filament enclosed in a quartz envelope. Various dopants (B+, P+ and As+) with fluences of 1014 to 1016 ions/cm2 were implanted and annealed under both transient and steady-state thermal conditions. Dopant depth distributions were analyzed using the SIMS technique. Sheet resistance measurements indicated that almost 100% activations of the implanted dopants were achieved. Sensitivities of dopant activation to transient annealing conditions were studied as a function of dopant concentrations, and high-dose As- and B-implanted samples were found to be sensitive to transient thermal cycle, particularly to the peak temperature. Recrystallization was studied with Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy using 2 Mev He+ ions.

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The authors wish to thank Professor H. Bakhru of the State University of New York at Albany for providing the RBS facility for the current study. We also wish to thank R. Guida for his excellent technical assistance, and G. Smith for carrying out the SIMS measurements.

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