Impurity Distribution Profiles and Surface Disorder after Laser Induced Diffusion


A model for laser induced diffusion is proposed, assuming the melting of Si surface under pulsed laser irradiation and the diffusion, in liquid phase, of a thin filmof impurity deposited according to the “limited source” conditions. Depending on the thickness of the film, it results in a dopant distribution profile with a surface disordered layer induced either by segregation effects or precipitation of the dopant in excess of the solubility limit achieved by laser annealing. Experimental results, obtained for a ruby laser irradiation of thin films of different impurities of group III and V, like antimony, bismuth, gallium and indium deposited on silicon substrates are in good agreement with the model. Their effective segregation coefficients have been deduced by fitting the experimental amount of dopant precipitated in the disordered surface layer with the numerical calculations. A cellular structure is seen on surface.

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