Aligned, Coexisting Liquid and Solid Regions in Pulsed and CW Laser Annealing of Si


Aligned, coexisting liquid and solid regions are observed in cw laser annealing of polycrystalline Si films on quartz substrates. These stripe patterns are the precursors of surface topography that exists after cooling. It is proposed that a similar situation exists in the pulse annealing process. A calculation of the temperature evolution which assumes stripe symmetry and kinetic restraints of the crystallization process has been carried out. These calculations indicate a lattice temperature of between 1100 and 1300 K, 10 nsec after the sample has fully solidified.

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We acknowledge helpful discussions with R. M. White, C. Herring, K. A. Jackson, P. M. Fauchet and A. E. Siegman.

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