Charged Dangling Bonds and Crystallization in Group IV Semiconductors


Crystallization of amorphous Ge (or Si) has been studied as a function of temperature and the flux of ionizing radiation (or doping). The crystallization growth rate Vg takes on the form Vg = vo exp(-E/kT) where vo is an increasing function of flux (or doping). We propose the following to explain these data: A concentration of mobile dangling bonds (DBs) exists in the bulk and near the amorphous-crystalline (a-c) interface. Ionization and doping induce transitions from the uncharged state D° to the charged states D+ and D. The process controlling crystallization resulting in the above activation energy is discussed. Only certain sites on the a-side of the a-c interface are available for crystallization, and these sites are those which have captured DBs. The charged D+ and D states have a larger capture cross section than the uncharged Do state. Increased concentrations of charged DBs results in an enhancement of the prefactor in the above equation.

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