Formation of Shallow Boron P+ Junctions Using Sb Amorphization


Shallow P+ junctions have been fabricated using reverse-type dopant preamorphization by Sb. The junctions ~100 nm in depth have leakage current below 10 nA/cm2, sheet resistance less than 200 Ω☐ and ideality factor in the range 1.01-1.03. This type of amorphization scheme provides electrical activation of B at low temperature, which is very promising for low temperature processing applications. The importance of process optimization was demonstrated. The electrical results were correlated with residual defect structure observed by cross-sectional TEM.

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    E. Ganin, G. Scilla, T. O. Sedgwick, and G. A. Sai-Halasz, Materials Research Symposium A, vol.74, p.717 (1987)

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    E. Ganin, D. Harame, G. Scilla, and G. A. Sai-Halasz, Unpublished Results

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Ganin, E., Davari, B., Harame, D. et al. Formation of Shallow Boron P+ Junctions Using Sb Amorphization. MRS Online Proceedings Library 128, 635–640 (1988).

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